How to Buy Restaurant Tables

Here is a brief review on how to buy restaurant tables:
  • Durability and customization - Custom Wilsonart laminate restaurant table tops. Wilsonart laminates provides a water proof, heat proof and high durable surface. It is available in over 100 different styles (wood, granite etc.) and textures (smooth or textured). Commonly used in most fast food chains, as well as designer restaurants.
  • Classiness - Solid wood restaurant table tops. However, care must be take in using a fine china to protect the surface from scratching, as well as not allowing water to sit too long on the surface. Touch up can be done easily using wood polish and a similar polyurethane coating. Failure to follow these instructions can lead to warping and cracking.
    • As an more economical alternative, try the wood veneer restaurant table tops. These tables are produced from a MDF board with layer of real wood veneer on top. Edges are constructed from a solid wood piece for stability. You get the feel and look of real wood, at a fraction of the price. They also do not warp or crack. For maintenance, polish surfaces every few months and do not allow water to sit. Take extra precaution not to bump the tables into anything as the wood veneer layer, once chipped, will be difficult to touch up.
  • Economic & Beautiful - Resin restaurant table tops we carry come in a number of different colors and combinations. They are popular because they are at entry level pricing. Resin tables are constructed from a MDF board with a layer of hard resin on the surface. They are then sealed on the bottom to prevent moisture from seeping in from the bottom, thereby cracking the resin surface. Take care to use fine china, water on the surface is not a problem for these tables. However, if chipped, these resin surface will be difficult to touch up. 
  • Cheap & Cheap - Reversible restaurant tables are the cheapest type of table you can purchase. They come with laminate colors on the top and bottom side. The interior is constructed from flake board, which tend to trap moisture, which may eventually lead to surface laminates bubbling up. With that said, its easily replaced.
 Table Tops
Price Aesthetics Durability Usage Touch Ups
Reversible 1 1 1 Gas Stations Marker
Resin 3 4 3 Casual Dining N/A
Wood Veneer 3 5 4 Casual Dining Wood stain
Solid Oak 4 5 4 Steakhouses Wood stain
T-mold 2 2 5 Fast foods, Deli's Marker
Wood Edge 4 4 5 Bakery, Pizza Marker
Self Edge 4 5 4 Designer, Bistro Marker
Werzalit / Molded Melamine 3 5 5 Designer, Bistro N/A
Granite 5 5 5 Designer, Sushi N/A