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All of our upholstered booth designs for restaurants are custom made, handcrafted in the USA, and carry a manufacturer's warranty. Choose between simple plain back upholstered booths or more elaborate channel or retro designs. As always, vinyl and fabrics are customizable, as are additions such as wood panels and crumbstrips. Be sure to check out our booth buying guide and space planning guide.

Top Questions for Booths - Read Now!

1. Do you make special sizes such as L-Shape and 3/4 Circles?

2. How many booths can I fit in a space?

3. Whats the largest size booth we make?

lux wood booth A-LUX
Your Price: $1,200.00
Hoovers wood restaurant booth HOOVERS [A-HOO]
Your Price: $700.00
CR Wood Booth A-CR
Your Price: $1,000.00
MY Upholstered Restaurant Booth A-MY
Your Price: $550.00
MT Restaurant Booth A-MT
Your Price: $625.00
tufted booth A-ST
Your Price: $620.00
V Back Booth A-VBACK
Your Price: $525.00
Fan back restaurant booth A-FB-D
Your Price: $825.00
Fan back restaurant booth A-FB-S
Your Price: $550.00
3 Channel Single Restaurant Booth A-3C-S
Your Price: $440.00
3 Channel Single Restaurant Booth A-3HC-S
Your Price: $540.00
Plain back hospitality booth A-SBF-NH-S
Your Price: $540.00
3 Channel Double Restaurant Booth A-3C-D
Your Price: $660.00
6 Channel Single Restaurant Booth A-6C-S
Your Price: $528.00

6 Channel Double Restaurant Booth A-6C-D
Your Price: $792.00
3 Channel Single Booth A-BT-S
Your Price: $556.00
Button Tufted Double Booth A-BT-D
Your Price: $945.00
Metal Frame Booth A-METAL
Your Price: $935.00
Upholstered Booth with Wave Head Roll A-835
Your Price: $455.00

Single Restaurant Booth A-SBF
Your Price: $418.00

Plain Back Vinyl Double Restaurant Booth A-DBF
Your Price: $627.00
Boca Booth Chair SC207520
Your Price: $853.00

Upholstered Booth

Upholstered BoothAmerican Home and Hospitality is one of the leading suppliers of upholstered booths to restaurants. If you have any questions about fabrics or vinyl please let us know. No request is too small or large when it comes to designing the perfect restaurant. Our goal is to create the perfect upholstered booth from your designs. We can match curtains, carpet, walls really anything you can think of we can create.