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Hotel, Institution and Restaurant's Wood Barstools

Wood barstools at wholesale prices! American Hospitality Furniture provides a large selection of wooden barstools at wholesale prices. Our products carry a manufacturer's warranty and are built with care.

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2. What is the warranty on chairs and how durable are they?
3. How accurate are the wood stains?
4. Why does it take 1-2 weeks to ship?
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Ladder Back Restaurant Barstool Bistro Restaurant Barstool Kyoto Barstool  [A-245B] Schoolhouse Restaurant Barstool Window Back Restaurant Barstool
Bistro Barstool [A-236B]
Our Price: $65.99
Kyoto Barstool [A-245B]
Our Price: $67.99
Steakhouse Barstool Diner Barstool Fan Back Barstool Biedemeyer Barstool Marie Barstool
Diner Barstool [BNM-08BO]
Our Price: $123.00
Marie Barstool

Our Price: $246.00
Tours Renne Barstool Lola Barstool Lola Barstool with Upholstered Back Tempo Barstool Four Vertical Slat Wood Barstool
Lola Barstool [LOE-9112]
Our Price: $94.00
Tempo Barstool [LOE-9629]
Our Price: $114.00
Colonial Wood Barstool Festival Barstool Backless Wood Barstool Round Backless Wood Barstool with Padded Seat Round Backless Wood Barstool with Nails
Upholstered Wood Barstool with Brass Ring Upholstered Wood Barstool with Brass Ring and Nail Heads Square Seat Wood Backless Barstool Round Backless All Wood Barstool Black Barstool with Square Seat
Green Barstool with Square Seat