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Our wood restaurant chairs are durable, heavy duty, commercial grade and available in a variety of styles and finishes. They are all backed by a commercial warranty against structural defects. Our products cover both imported hardwoods and also domestic hardwoods. We sell mainly to restaurants, hotels, and foodservice applications.
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Maggiano Pub Chair [A-242-PUB] Premium Ladderback Restaurant Chair Vertical Slat Back Restaurant Chair Premium Ladderback Restaurant Chair
Vertical Slat Back Chair [OL-242]
List Price: $59.00
Our Price: 42.00
You save $17.00!
bistro Restaurant Chair Kyoto Chair Window Back Chair
Bistro Chair [A-236]
Our Price: 65.00

Kyoto Chair [A-245]
Our Price: 65.00
Window Back Chair [A-290]
List Price: $89.00
Our Price: 80.00
You save $9.00!
Upholstered Back Chair [A-278]
List Price: $96.00
Our Price: 90.00
You save $6.00!
Schoolhouse Chair Contempo Bistro Chair Biedemeier Chair Steakhouse Chair With Wood Veneer Seat
Schoolhouse Chair [A-235]
Our Price: 85.00

Diner Chair Midtown Diner Chair Accordeon Chair Fan Back Chair
Kyoto Chair Ladderback Chair with Hole High Chairs Keystone Chair
Kyoto Chair [BNM-FLS-11S]
Our Price: 111.00
High Chairs [KEA-120]
Our Price: 39.00
Tours Renne Chair Three Diamond Chair Bora Chair Solid Back Chair
Bora Chair [BNM-CON-09S]
Our Price: 111.00
Four Vertical Slat Wood Chair Colonial Wood Chair Colonial Wood Chair with Upholstered Seat Lola Chair
Lola Chair [LOE-4112]
Our Price: 74.00
Cambridge Chair with Upholstered Back Cambridge Chair Avenue Chair Sandra Chair
Avenue Chair [LOE-4640]
Our Price: 105.00

Sandra Chair [LOE-4693]
Our Price: 74.00
Melissa Chair Soho Chair in Natural Soho Chair in Black Soho Chair in Walnut
Naples Chair [RAG-23VS]
Our Price: 224.00
Naples Chair [RAG-23PS]
Our Price: 188.00
Hairpin Chair [RAG-106VS]
Our Price: 152.00
Hairpin Chair [RAG-106PS]
Our Price: 173.00
RAG-23PS-ARM FRF-916 FRF-026 FRF-038
FRF-099 FRF-247 CA-27 CA-4560
Apollo Chair [CA-27]
Our Price: 465.00
Lotus Chair [CA-4560]
Our Price: 345.00
CA-311 CA-801 CA-304 CA-655
Oval Back Chair [CA-311]
Our Price: 459.00
Peony Chair [CA-801]
Our Price: 375.00
1970s Wood Chair [CA-304]
Our Price: 285.00
Daisy Chair [CA-655]
Our Price: 309.00
CA-780 Scola Chair [CA-57] Duna Chair [CA-294] Upholstered Chair [CA-404]
Tiffany Chair [CA-780]
Our Price: 208.00
Scola Chair [CA-57]
Our Price: 288.00
Duna Chair [CA-294]
Our Price: 266.00
Lukka Chair [CA-409] Square Seat Chair [CA-466] Toll Chair [CA-589] Toll 2 Chair [CA-593]
Lukka Chair [CA-409]
Our Price: 173.00
Toll Chair [CA-589]
Our Price: 217.00
Toll 2 Chair [CA-593]
Our Price: 215.00
Toll 3 Chair [CA-595] CA-605 Crown Wood Chair [CA-678] Library Arm Chair [CA-688]
Toll 3 Chair [CA-595]
Our Price: 215.00
Crown Wood Chair [CA-678]
Our Price: 188.00
Library Chair [CA-689] Windsor Chair [CA-835] Bella Chair [CA-1635] Cross Back Chair [CA-1757]
Library Chair [CA-689]
Our Price: 235.00
Windsor Chair [CA-835]
Our Price: 136.00
Bella Chair [CA-1635]
Our Price: 176.00
Square Flat Back Chair [CA-1824] Pin hole Back Chair [CA-1856] Country Club Arm Chair [CA-1889] Country Club Chair [CA-1890]
Southwestern Chair [CA-1902] Dasie Chair [CA-1911] Grand Teton Chair [CA-1917] Mexican Style Chair [CA-1922]
Dasie Chair [CA-1911]
Our Price: 115.00