Rubber Wood vs European Beech Wood - The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Learn About Commercial Furniture

As a restaurant owner, the most important question when shopping for wood restaurant furniture is:
European Beech Wood vs. Rubber Wood.

Why? Because European Beech Wood is the industry standard and has been for the past 30 years. Only in the recent few years has rubber wood made it way into the commercial market. Primarily used in economical home furniture, rubber wood has become increasingly common because of its lower pricing. More importantly, most common folk can't tell the difference! American Hospitality Furniture doesn't sell any rubber wood furniture, so we don't mind sharing the dirty little secrets of the commercial furniture manufacturing industry.

Rubber wood chairs falls apart! You may have heard it before from someone and there is quite a bit of truth in it. Once taken out of its native sub-tropical environment and transplanted to the US, the wood expands and contracts because of its innate absorption properties...thereby causing the joints to break.

You can recognize rubber wood chairs by its complete absence of wood grains (requires years of training). Rubber wood chairs are also lighter and less dense in general. Rubber wood chairs are also only available in dark colors, such as mahogany, or walnut. Lighter colors have tints of yellow, causing your furniture to look - in lack of a better word - very ill.

Next time ask before you buy! It will save you a lot of trouble later!