What is Fashionable Seating?
How to select the most stylish seating that will look fashionable for years to come.

When deciding on a seating choice for a restaurant or dining establishment, making a fashionable choice is always a top priority. Some customers go with more established time honored fashionable seating while other want a more modern and contemporary look. Our wide variety of fashionable seating will last for years of use while looking great. Fashionable seating usually falls into two categories, modern and traditional. A more traditional look consists of nice sturdy woods in a variety of finishes and usually a one-color seat. A more modern look will usually included a nice chromed finished metal or aluminum with a plastic or other modern material as a seat choice. The great thing about the modern look is the wide variety of colors furniture builders are able to use.

Examples of Fashionable Seating:

5th Avenue ChairThe 5th Avenue Chair is a timeless classic that will hold up under years of use. Available in 5 different finishes there is sure a color to match any theme.

Luna Wood ChairAnother sturdy chair is the Luna wooden chair with upholstered back. This fashionable seat looks like it belongs in a movie or a palace.

Spades ChairThe Spades Chair is a blend of both current and established looks. Made of solid European Beechwood that comes in 6 wood finishes such as walnut or my favorite the "honey oak". A rainbow of vinyl finishes let you put your own flair on the chair. A tapered wooden back with triangle cut outs completes this fashionable seating option.

Dining Side ChairThe dining side chair by Caluco is the ultimate in outdoor furniture. A hybrid wicker and padded fabric chair that comes in dozens of fabric choices.



These are just a few of the fashionable seating choices you are able to choose from. The best part about interior design and fashion is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Whatever you decide to decorate with inside your restaurant our design experts are always available to help. If you need any help selecting the right seating with fashionable designs don't hesitate to chat with American Hospitality Furniture.