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Q&A for Restaurant Booths
Can I choose a fabric?
  Yes. Due to the wide range of price and quality for fabrics, we are unable to provide a complete source of fabrics. We recommend Douglass Industries' Sherpa collection or Perspectives collection for entry level, or CF Stinson for a selection of higher end designer fabrics.
Do you make special sizes such as L-Shape and 3/4 Circles?
  Yes, we can make almost any custom sized booths. Customer must provide dimensions in order to receive a quote. For suggestions on sizes please see the space planning guide.
U- Shape booth - 45''x88''x45''
3/4 Circle - 45''x88''x88''x45''
*Note we do not sell custom booths to residential customers
Frame Construction and Vinyl Effects on Durability of Restaurant Booths

From a technical standpoint, there are two main factors affecting the durability of restaurant booths. First is the frame construction. Frame may be constructed of either solid wood or plywood, and to a lesser extent particle board. Solid wood is more expensive; however you do avoid problems such as warping as plywood is sometimes prone too. Some of the imported plywood are made from a large amount of what I call fluff, which is basically bits or flakes of wood that are too small to add to the structural integrity. The imported plywood also use an inferior grade of glue, so when you are stapling pieces together, small pieces will fly off. Not very reassuring when you have glue separating from each other. We’ve also seen people make restaurant booth frames from particle board, which is utterly ridiculous.  You can easily see the construction of the booth when you take the seats out and look closely at the interior frame construction.

Choosing the right vinyl is equally important to durability. Commercial grade vinyl for seats should start at ~50,000 double rubs. A double rub is a measure of how many rubs it takes tear the surface of the vinyl. A vinyl of lower double rub is more likely to tear or rip after extended usage. At American Hospitality Furniture, we start with a minimum of 100,000 double rubs on our booths. For chain customers, we use vinyl with up to 1.8 million double rubs, which significantly reduces the chance of any tearing.  Some discount restaurant booth suppliers do not publish the amount of double rubs. Make sure you inquire before making a purchase. 

How many booths can I fit in a space?
  Please refer to the space planning guide.
- Allow 72'' for a single booth + table + single booth
- At a minimum, allow 66'' for a single booth + table + single booth
Springs Seats or Plywood Seats for Restaurant Booths

I would like to address the difference between a spring seat and plywood seat for restaurant booth seating. Recently there has been a shift in trend from spring seats to vinyl seats, which begs the question which is more comfortable? The answer is: if on spring seats we use 1.5’’ thick foam and on plywood seats we use 3’’ foam, the end comfort ability is similar. Springs have more flexibility which allows us to use less thick foam, whereas plywood seat will require more foam to achieve the same feel. The main draw back on spring seats is that the springs will sag over time, or occasionally one spring will go haywire and pop out. The main draw back on platform seat is it will require thicker foam to achieve the same comfort level on the restaurant booth.

At the end of the day, it’s really a personal preference. Some swear plywood is better while others prefer spring seats.

What are your vinyl options?
  Our standard vinyl options are Independence 2 by Enduratex or New Soho by Nassimi. All vinyls are sourced locally from the US to ensure your quality. This is our entry level vinyl. We recommend Naugahyde Spirit Millennium for experienced restaurant owners due to longer durability and protection from wear and tear. Prices are slightly more but we have excellent feedback for this vinyl.

For example, if we were to take a knife and poke at a standard vinyl, the vinyl will rise up slowly over time. Spirit Millennium, on the other hand, will bounce right back up.

For designers, we may also price booths COM (Customer's own material).
Whats the largest size booth we make?
  Typically restaurant booths can be made into sections of 72'' long, which sits 3 people. U-shaped booths are 88'' long as are 3/4 circle booths; we recommend shipping the custom sections in 2 to 3 piece sections to save on shipping and protect damages. American Hospitality Furniture highly recommends the customer measure the size of their doors and hall ways before making their final decision.