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Q&A for Outdoor Furniture
Why your outdoor restaurant furniture is falling apart

As a restaurant owner, how do we know if outdoor restaurant furniture is designed for commercial usage? One of the first things to notice is the whether the joints of the frame are held together by fasteners or welded. Fasteners are cheaper and easier to make, however, they are not as nearly durable as welded joints. Have you seen any indoor restaurant chairs held together by fasteners? Most likely not because the amount of abuse a typical restaurant undertakes will eventually cause the fasteners to loosen. This is why some chairs wobble and squeak when you sit on it. Try pushing down on the back of the chair. Notice whether the chair legs moves or if there any squeaking sounds. With an all welded frame, you will not have any of these issues.

 Another issue affecting the durability of restaurant patio furniture is the material for the seat or back. Synthetic wicker or any sort of synthetic weave has to be of commercial grade material. What this means is that wicker needs to have a metal wire core. Weave material needs to minimize gaps and/or have additional nylon strapping underneath the seat to prevent future sagging.

Go to Walmart, Home Depot or Lowes, notice that the construction of their restaurant patio furniture is different.  Most likely the structural joints will have fasteners in order to make shipping and storage cheaper. Look on the underside and see if the frame and seat have adequate support. The differences should be very obvious. Now you are an educated consumer. Good luck hunting!